Foul Bowl 2018

FOUL BOWL 3 has been replaced by another tournament named The Red Trophy. It is being ran on the same date and at the same venue, more details here:- The Red Trophy

Fowl Bowl

Lifting his aching green head off the floor of the currently unoccupied outhouse, frogboy wiped the damp sawdust from his face trying to recall where and who he was. A tangy taste in his mouth and the smell of a dead cat wafting from somewhere promoted more movement from the hungover Blood Bowl Coach. His hand slipped on something soft and wet as he pulled himself up to the stool. Taking no notice he stumbled out the well used and worn toilet door remembering who he was.
That was worse, he must have been drunk everyday since Foul Bowl 2, the celebrations had gotten a little excessive but what a success it had been he thought in a moment of pride, ignoring the torn clothes he now wore and the smell which followed him out into the bright morning sunshine.

The words ‘Foul Bowl 3’ crossed his mind with a smile and ‘is it not the year of the Dragon?’

With that he turned around with a sense of purpose, determined to make Foul Bowl 3 the best one day Blood Bowl Tournament this side of the Deadwood, well it was the only one to date, but the punters wouldn’t need to know that. Firstly though, to the river for a wash.

Foul Bowl 3 in partnership with Games Workshop – Together Stronger
One day, 4 rounds

28th July 2018 (Saturday only)

Firestorm Games (Cardiff Store)
15 Trade Street
CF10 5DT
Free car park right outside or 5 minute walk from Cardiff Central Train Station.

Cost £15 which includes hot lunch (burgers and chips etc.)
Payments: £15 will be direct to Firestorm games, details to follow.

First game starts at 09:00 followed by 4 games with lunch sometime between (help yourself). Home time between 18:30 and 19:00.

Yeam builds and skills
Will be a copy of Euro Bowl Wales 2018 to give people who want it a chance to practice in a tournament environment, but there will be some addition rules thrown in for fun, like neg trait removal for doubles (which you could just ignore), plus of course the chance to win the prestigious Foul Bowl Award.

Tournament Scoring
10 points for a win
5 points for a draw
0 point for a loss
-1000000 points for conceding

Bonus Points
There will be additional Bonus Points available each game from Fouls which result in a Casualty. These will only affect the final standings in a tiebreaker situation, as explained below (1 bonus point per casualty, caused by a Foul Action).

In addition there will be the following rules and bonus points available:
i) 15 points for payment a week or more before the tournament start.
ii) 15 points for submitted legal roster a week or more before tournament start.
iii) 15 points for being on time on the day, ready to start game at 9am.
(Round one draw will be posted in advance)
iv) If the above three points are met then team will also receive 1 free bribe.
v) -1000 points for unpainted teams. Please bring 3 colour minimum painted standard thanks.

Tie Breaker
In the event of a tie with 2 or more coaches having the same amount of points at the end of the tournament then the winner will be decided by the coach with the most Fouls which have resulted in a Casualty. Strength of Schedule will only be used after this if everything else is tied.

New coaches
Welcome as always, if you got any questions then please see links in my signature for previous years events or message me here or on my Facebook page, thanks :orc:

Provided on the day by Firestorm Games, Myself & Games Workshop, more details to be released nearer the date
*Anyone on less than 45 points or who did not meet the criteria to receive the free Bribe will not be illegible for prizes*

Painted with 3 Colours, positional’s must be clearly identifiable to your opponent, it is encouraged to use numbered players and skill rings or bands to show skills, no proxy’s allowed but custom built teams/third party miniatures are fine.


I will be adding the new teams available on the Games Workshop Blood Bowl App “My Dugout” to the list of playable teams for Foul Bowl 3, these are as follows, Savage Orc, Human Nobility, Dwarf Slayer Hold and Skaven: Pestilent Vermin.
Also any more that are added by Games Workshop between now and then.

Also added in order to support our Cyanide loving friends will be the Khorne and Bretonian rosters.

In true Foul Bowl spirit, nothing is equal, so get to the training grounds and horn them skills ya Gitz 😀

With that in mind please remember this has never been a hyper competitive tournament. It will still be a great fun filled day. There will be a prize for best performing App team.

If you can’t beat ’em, then hire a troll, or is it join ’em. Not sure which it is now 😕